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Your child’s first visit with us will include a consultation and diagnosis of existing dental problems.  We will take time to educate you and your child, when age appropriate, about the steps that we will take to address those problems.  We will discuss treatment options and help guide you to select the option that is best for your child.

Unless your child is experiencing pain or another emergency, we do not provide restorative care (fillings, crowns, etc) at the first visit.  We feel it is very important to establish a relationship with your child and introduce a positive dental experience before we begin active care.


We participate in many dental insurance plans.  Please contact our office manager, Sue Scott, for details regarding your plan.


We do our best to assist you in verifying your child’s dental insurance benefits.  However, if his or her dental insurance is not in effect at the time of treatment, you are responsible for the full cost of care.  Co-payments and fees for non-covered services are due at the time of service.

Parental Presence

Parents are welcome to remain with their children during dental exams.  In order for us to focus our full attention on your child, we encourage you to be a silent observer during dental procedures. It is best to have younger siblings remain outside the operatory if possible.  We have play areas available where parents may supervise children who are not receiving treatment. 

 We ask that you always use age appropriate, child-friendly terms when discussing dental care in our office or at home.  For example, we do not use the words “shot,” “needle ” or “injection.”  These words create unnecessary anxiety at any age.  Instead, we will use words such as “medicine dropper” to describe procedures to children.